Three essential parameters to become a successful trader

#Becoming the best in any profession is not easy. It requires strong devotion, dedication, and commitment. When it comes to the trading business, it becomes harder. But if you manage to learn the art of trading you can easily make a huge profit from this market. Regardless of the global economy, you can expect to make a huge profit from this market. Many novice traders in Hong Kong have changed their lives just by learning to trade the Forex market. Though there are many essential elements in trading, today we are going to discuss three simple ways in which you can change your life. These are:

  • Learn the details Forex market
  • Demo trade for six months
  • Trade-in low leverage account

Learn the details of the forex market

New traders don’t have enough patience to learn the basics. They are always looking for a short cut way to make a huge profit from this market. After learning the basic details, they start to execute a trade in the real trading account. Eventually, they blow up the trading account. Think about doctors, engineers, and scientist in your society. All of them have worked very hard to develop their skills. After learning theoretical knowledge, they spend years practicing. Just like them, you need to work hard to know the details of the market. Learning the technical analysis is not enough to ensure your profit. You need to understand the fundamental variables of this market to analyze the strength of the trend. The high impact news is the most powerful price driving catalyst in the Forex market. So, if you ignore them, the chances are very high that you will never make any profit in this market.

Demo trade for six months

The role of a demo account is enormous in the life of a trader. Visit  to learn more about the professional brokerage firm. Open a demo account with Saxo and try to create a simple trading strategy. For the first few weeks, you not understand many easy things but with strong devotion, you can overcome these challenges. Unless you demo trade the market for six months, you will never understand how this market work. Some of you might think demo trading is just a waste of time but in reality this the best thing you can do as a novice trader. Never rush in the investment business since it will always result in heavy loss. Once you feel confident in your demo trading performance, try to trade and make consistent profit for another three consecutive months. If things go in your favor, it’s time for you to trade the real market.

Trade-in low leverage account

The majority of the traders start to trade the real market with a high leverage account. They think this is the best way to make money. But if you dig deep, you will be surprised to know only the low-end brokerage firm offers extreme leverage to the retail traders. Being a new participant in the Forex market, it’s really hard to manage your greed. Having access to the high leverage trading account usually ends up with high-risk trading. For this reason, the experienced traders always suggest that the rookies trade in low leverage trading account. Though you will not be able to trade the market with a big lot, it’s a great choice. Even after losing a few trades in a row, you can’t execute big lot trades to recover the loss. This will save your investment in the long run.


By now you know the key things which you need to consider to become successful at trading. Following all the rules at the initial stage will be extremely hard but once you start to maintain a trading journal things will become easier. Consider this profession as your business. Always trade the market with a rational goal and you will become successful at trading.