Tips for Maintaining the Wool Coat for Years

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Wool coats are widely used stylish option to get protection against cold and chill weather. Choosing and buying the favorite wool coat is not enough. You must follow some simple procedures to maintain the soft wool material. Unlike Nylon and cotton, the taking care for wool fabric is an effortless job. Get the H&M KSA promo code just to order your favorite style and color for winter use.

How to Care the Wool Coat?

  • Use Suede Brush for Cleaning

Take a suede quality brush to clean the wool material. After every wear, make it your routine to clean the coat and hang in the cabinet. The lint and soil particles are removed with soft brushing.

  • Use Wood or Plastic Hangers

Choose broad and durable wood or plastic hangers that can bear the weight of wool coat easily. The broad and brawny hangers do not let the shoulders to stretch due to weight and get out of shape. On the other hand, if the wool coat is folded tightly and placed with other items in jam-packed area, the coat will definitely get crumpled. Try to avoid hanging the wool coat near the dirty fabrics as the fabric can sop up the odor or dirt.

  • Use Blot Spills for Absorbing the Wetness

Instead of rubbing the spill, it is better to place an absorbent material or paper towel. If you rub the wool coat, the liquid will spread and get into the fabric. If there are chemicals or natural pigments are present (like coffee, chocolate, tea or ink) on the coat, get the services of dry-cleaner immediately. The course of action concerning a substance spill depends on the nature of wool, therefore it is recommended to dry clean wool at the beginning of winter season and after the end of cold weather. Refer the h&m ksa promo code to get benefit of winter sale.

  • Use Garment Bag for Storing Wool Coat

It is necessary to pack the dry cleaned wool coat in a garment bag to prevent the fabric from moths that infest the warm fabric. For better protection, place cedar chips or moth repellent balls.

  • Washing Procedure

It is better to dry clean the coat. Even if you are washing it, use cold water and wash with hands. Pour the coat in wool-friendly detergent and leave for a few minutes. Use cold water for cleaning. Lay the towel on a dry surface and place the wet coat over it to dry naturally.

  • Ironing

Avoid using an iron over the wool material. In case there are wrinkles, iron the coat after placing a pillowcase or sheet over coat. Steam iron is recommended to keep the wool surface shiny and durable.

Wool coat is renowned for warmness and breathable features. The h&m ksa promo code is available to find a variety of finishes, patterns and colors within your financial capacity. A part from merino wool, you can find wool fabric of different animals like camel, vicuna, mohair and alpaca.