Tips For Effective Communications Monitoring During Pandemic – Telemessage

The financial industry heavily emphasizes the lawful facility concerning data protection. As companies switch to working remotely from main offices due to the COVID-19 pandemic that started in 2020, employees now have more freedom to use personal devices and communication channels to contact existing and potential clients. This increase the risk of a company’s failure to comply with data protection, and here are some practical tips to monitor communications during this pandemic:

Document Which Communication Platforms the Employees are Using

Because of the growing concern regarding mobile compliance, companies need to create a review that will document their employees’ communication platforms in connecting with clients. The company can identify and tell employees who are acceptable in updating and making biz deals through it.

Increase on Employee Surveillance on Employee Communication

To monitor phone calls, companies only need to use text and call monitoring apps that can retain business-related undertakings, excluding the personal ones. A weekly check of electronic communications can lessen the risk of scams, cybersecurity issues, and illegal trading activities.

Update Key Terms for E-discovery and Communications Monitoring

Understandably, the business environment keeps changing, which is why even crucial terms and phrases need to be updated. Sometimes, employees and clients talk in ways not known to the business world, creating false interpretations in the business context that can result in incompetence on employers’ side.

Check out this infographic by TeleMessage to know more about effective communication monitoring.