Four Simple Tips to Maintain Your Boiler

Nobody wants to be left alone without warmth and hot water during the cold months. A well-maintained boiler helps your central heating system working efficiently throughout the year. It means some basic boiler service is unavoidable to prevent any unwanted issues from occurring, especially when you want to use your heating system the most.

  1. Regular Service 

According to HVAC experts, having an annual boiler service is imperative to maintain the performance and safety of the heating system. Regular boiler service Keston is handy in ensuring that your heating system keeps performing as optimally as possible. Also, it helps identify if there are any repairs or replacements needed. Make sure to hire a Gas-Safe engineer to get your boiler serviced to let it be safe and efficient for the long term. 

  • Drain Boiler Radiators

Maintaining your boiler radiators is another critical aspect of its service. Your radiators may distribute uneven heat while in use. It indicates a potential problem, which may need urgent fixing. Make sure to drain your radiators from time to time to prevent uneven heat distribution throughout.

  • Remove the Clutter 

Your central heating system needs ventilation to function efficiently and safely. For this, you need to remove all the clutter, including dust, accumulated inside the boiler. While you may try to keep your boiler clean as much as possible, a gas-safe engineer will guide you on whether or not it needs further ventilation.

  • Check the Water Pressure 

A gas boiler may lose water pressure over time, which results in reduced efficiency. You can check the boiler water pressure by looking at its pressure gauge after every few months to ensure it is at an appropriate level. While you can identify the low pressure and top it up, a local plumber can always help you if you feel uncertain about doing so.