Features Of Solar-powered Street Lights And Their Applications

Solar-powered street lights come with various advantages and there is a growing demand for them in the market. Some of the top reasons include low energy consumption, cost-saving and efficient lighting. Solar-powered street lights absorb the energy from the Sun and convert it into electricity. It does not require much maintenance and it is quite easy to install.  It emits high-intensity output light that covers a wider area and this makes it a popular choice for road, Street and path lighting. They come with automatic operation switches that turn on the output on or off without any manual assistance.

Features of solar-powered Street and path lights:

  • LED light:

 It features LED lights that consume low energy and is much brighter and lights up a wider area.  The light emitted from LED solar-powered path lights are brighter when compared to other traditionally used Streetlamps.

  • Solar panels: 

 The solar panels used in these lighting facilities are designed with high powered Technology that incorporates photovoltaic cells.  It takes in the light energy of the Sun and converts it into electricity that lights up. The electricity so produced is strong enough to be used in various applications.

  • Rechargeable battery:

 The Solar path lights come with an inbuilt self rechargeable battery. These batteries have high storage capacities to absorb large amounts of Sun energy during the daytime. The energy stored, powers up the lights to shine brightly at night.

  • User-friendly controller:

 Solar-powered street lights are also accompanied by user-friendly controllers. It is easy for anyone to operate the controls and to switch the street lights on and off. It also gives complete control over the battery and this prevents it from overcharging and heating up. In addition to this, there are also additional features like the battery charger and secondary power supply sources.

  • Easy and reliable interconnecting cables:

 Installing solar-powered street lights should also include good interconnecting cables. The wiring process is simple and easy and of good quality. A battery box, solar panel and LED lights are also provided. All of this is mounted on the top and well connected to the power source through the connecting cables. Each type of solar-powered path lights come in varying sizes, cables, storage capacity and the current that is consumed.

  • Pole:

 The street lights are accompanied with poles of varying heights depending upon the requirement. This enables easy mounting of the solar panels, batteries, fixtures and more. These poles are solid, rigid, stable and reliable. The robust pole framework is resistant to rust, accumulation of dust, water-resistant, chemical resistant and more.

 Applications and uses:

  • Solar-powered lights are common at airports and runaways. It enables the safe landing of aircraft and night-time aircraft operations.
  • They are also installed on highways, Pathways, Roadways as it provides clear visibility for drivers and pedestrians.
  • It is Highly Effective for lighting up road signs, parks, playground, trails, parking lots, medians and pavilions. It is commonly found on cricket and football fields for its brilliant lighting.
  • Industries and commercial establishments that require large space outdoor lighting enjoy the benefits of solar-powered lights.