Do I Need A Lawyer For A Will?

If you’re planning on writing your will, but you are a little bit confused on how to create it, there are only two options: is either you get a lawyer to assist you or you write it all by yourself. Both situations have different advantages. However, the choice you will make will rely on the specific circumstances. Visit website for more details.  

Advantages Of Writing Your Will

The main reason for drafting your will by yourself is the cost. Lawyers charge hundreds or sometimes thousands of U.S dollars to draft a will. However, when you do it by yourself online, it charges from twenty to two hundred dollars or more, while writing the entire will yourself without the help of an online program will cost you nothing. If your investment and assets are well arranged and straightforward, writing a will without an online program or lawyer should generally not be a problem.

Advantages Of Hiring A Lawyer

Getting a lawyer to draft your will be more better. A lawyer will make sure that your will complies with the state law, gives the best tax for your investments and heirs. In short, you will feel more sure that your will can stand up in court if contested, and that your desired wishes will be carried out as you wanted.

Things You Should Consider

If you plan to write your will without the help of a lawyer, make sure you carefully research for applicable laws, the signing of the will and all requirements relating to witnesses. You have to write your will as clearly as possible so that it won’t be rendered invalid in any way. Probably you might need some help like an online program, so when applying it, remember to read all instructions carefully and follow them. Most online program offers to have a lawyer cross-check your will for an extra cost. This is a nice option that will make you feel better while saving your money.

When To Hire A Lawyer

In some situations, getting a lawyer to draft your will is least risky. You have to get a lawyer if you have investments and assets in different countries or states, have little children, are in a same-sex relationship, have been remarried, possess assets over two million dollars or own small business. Getting a lawyer is a good idea if you do not understand the online program part or if it does not reach your particular needs.

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