Bafler is logistically the best

Choosing a business partner is one of the most important decisions an entrepreneur will make. It is even more so when that partner will be responsible for taking care of your products, including storing and shipping and helping you make money.

Trust in a partnership can herald a lasting and successful business relationship. Bafler, a logistics solutions and third-party shipping provider, has already garnered a reputation of prosperous alliances with business owners. Our leadership and accomplishments in the industry make our company a safe choice for any business owner looking for success.

“We have rewritten the book on how to create innovative and ground-breaking solutions to the most common and not so common logistics problems,” Bafler points out on its website

We know the kinds of challenges business owners face. We started out like any other business owner, learning and tweaking and inventing new approaches to logistics challenges.

So, when you team up with us, we will be armed with a stockpile of answers and solutions that will set your business up for success.

Making business affordable

We know the importance of solving problems, but above all, we are deeply aware that the cost of doing business can be an obstacle. Bafler has hurdled that obstacle for you.

No matter the size of your budget, we have a service plan that will fit your business needs. Our clients can also take advantage of our core set of services to supplement them from our list of add-on services. The flexibility in our service will give them the best package that will accommodate their budgets.

And we make your choice to work with us even more appealing. At Bafler, we can help you reach this important decision. You can talk with us about your business goals and needs and we will help you cobble a service package that will be tailored for your company. Any discounts we received from our carriers we pass along to you. We also offer you affordable shipping rates.

Innovate for success

When you partner with Bafler, innovative solution to logistics issues are a part of the deal. It does not matter if you are starting your business venture or have been in the retail business for decades; we can help elevate your company’s profile in the marketplace.

Our company will work with you to ensure that you achieve your goals and that your business is a humming success. “We guarantee that once you give us a try, you’ll be very glad you did so,” states Bafler, which is owned by Transport Express Inc.

Our company embraces innovations that come with technology. These innovations help us streamline our operation, reduce waste and save our staff time. That extra time that you can spend working your business growth.

We also use technology to make sure the products we store and ship for you are secure. Our state-of-the-art security makes us a company you can trust.

At Bafler, the technology protects our assets as well as that of our clients. Our staff depends on technology to surveil for any fragility and security infringement that would jeopardize the privacy of our clients and our order fulfillment company.