What is industrial automation?

With increasing competitiveness, there is a higher requirement for better quality and consistency that follows a competitive streak. The industrial sectors have always been keen on addressing this issue, which lead to the birth of new product designs and integrated manufacturing units along with the employment of industrial robotics. 

Industrial automation has been the most remarkably stunning and beneficial improvement in the industry floor solutions. It entails better quality, more reliability, and a stable production rate. At the same time, it is reducing the cost of production and design.

The concept is certainly innovation and enhancements of integrated technologies in terms of services has been something that was never experienced before.

The concept of industrial automation.

Industrial automation was always to deviate from mechanical implementation that utilise more human resources. The automation is designed to be a smarter solution and eliminates human involvement at large by using programming and powerful mechanics. 

It is a combination of computer systems and machines that runs parallel with human thinking. 

Some of automaton devices include, software based programmable logic controls Or PLCs, PCs, PACs and much more. The targets are specific to industrial requirements.


What are the advantages of industrial automation?

  1. Optimum cost

Handling industrial process with automated robot, minimized the effort and redo cycles. It reduces the need for human resources and thus cost of employee investments is reduced by a large factor.


  1. Improving product quality

industrial robots eliminate error making the end product’s quality better.


  1. Reducing routine checks

Automation eliminates the need to constantly keep certain parameters in check. Taking advantage of industrial automation means using the programmers to adjust different variable do achieve desired values in a controlled environment.


  1. Enhanced safety standards

certain industrial tasks pose a higher risk for human tasks force. However, with industrial automation such projects can be carried without any casualties. The new line of collaborative robots is even more efficient in keep the safety standards intact.


The best industrial machinery available in the market today.

Industrial machinery [เครื่องจักร อุตสาหกรรม, which is the term in Thai] manufactured by Mitsubishi electronic limited come with several features essential for an upgraded product. Some of the factors are electromagnetic interference resistance, increased longevity, and stable operations. For more information of the specifications and product line visit the Mitsubishi website.