4 Professions That are Calling Out for Workers

If you are struggling to land a job in your preferred profession and are thinking of moving into another field, you are probably a little lost as to which field to choose. Well, fortunately, we have come up with a number of professions in the UK that need professions. These professions are struggling to fill positions, so should you earn the necessary qualifications, it should not be too difficult to land a job.

Take a look at four professions that we know for a fact that are struggling to find professionals at the moment:


One of the most obvious career choices would be to get into teaching. It has long been known that there is a shortage of teachers in the UK and if you have the necessary qualifications, this could be a good option for you. English, history, and philosophy teachers, in particular, are in huge demand right now.

Approved Mental Health Professionals

Another role that is currently in need of people is that of the approved mental health professional. It has been reported recently that there is a combination of factors as to why this is. Many people claim that the pay levels are not what they should be but this is a common complaint by all kinds of health workers in the UK.

Still, should pay levels not be your main priority, you should have no trouble finding AMHP jobs in London, Manchester or any other major city.

Sports Therapists

Due to the increase in the number of people that are becoming health conscious and hitting the gym, there has been an increase in the demand for sports therapists. Tasked with helping people overcome sporting injuries, these therapists are currently in short supply. Other related professions such as personal trainers and nutritionists are in demand in the UK too. Speak to an agency to learn what you need to do to qualify as a sports therapist.

Veterinary Nurses

This one is a little surprising as we know that a good portion of people absolutely loves animals in the UK. Unfortunately, however, there are not enough vets and nurses to go around at the moment which means that many animals are not getting the help that they need. We would assume that these shortages are to do with the financial rewards more than anything else. Still, there are plenty of other rewards that can be had from saving the lives of some of the nations favourite pets.

Capping Off

While these professions might not be what you originally wanted to do, they do at least have plenty of jobs available. You could move into one of these professions temporarily or even permanently if you start to enjoy it. If you do feel that you want to take advantage of the need for professionals, we suggest you go to speak to agency to see what available. At the very least there will be some teaching, sports therapy, or AMHP agency work available.