What Your Employees Should Know During a Merger or Acquisition

Beginning a merger or acquisition can take a toll on even the best of company cultures. Whether you are looking to transition without losing some of your most valuable workers or you want them to know the processes of transferring over important information, preparing your employees in advance can make the situation much easier. When you are going through such a transformative time in your business, then you need to know that things will go as smoothly as possible.

Here’s what you should share with your employees when you are going through a merger or acquisition.

Whether there will be any structural changes

One of the first things your employees are likely to notice is that if there are any major changes within the structure of your company. If you haven’t let them know about the merger or acquisition that they are about to go through, then now might be a good time to have a company-wide meeting and sit down with your managers to discuss it. Instead of just springing the news on them, you can prepare them for the changes ahead.

If there are new security protocols

When you are dealing with a new business taking up your workload and your team, you want to make sure that an important files you are planning on transferring over are safely stowed for later. This is where a virtual deal room can come in handy, since it allows you to save files and send them from one person to another without having to encrypt them and worry about them being hacked. When you are sending multiple files, this can be essential.

If staff will be reduced

One of the most difficult aspects of going through a merger or acquisition is the fact that you might have to let staff go or transfer them to a different department. This is never easy, but it is something you should be honest about well in advance so that your workers can find new positions or they can get used to the idea that they will be working on other tasks. Sitting down with people before the changes happen can make the process of switching positions or losing other can help your business evolve.

Who will be in charge

Who might be managing your employees is also likely to change, as well. This might frighten your current employees—especially if you are planning on taking a step back. This is another thing you will want to make clear when you are looking to enact a merger or an acquisition. Your employees should feel as though they have someone they can reach out to if they have any questions and any help on projects caught in the middle of your merger or acquisition.

In summary

Taking on a merger or an acquisition can entirely change your company, and when you want to maintain the team you built or alter it for the better, then you need to be active in the transition. Providing support and offering guidance can help your business grow for the best.