What To Do If You Want To Dispute A Traffic Ticket?

Even if the chances of you getting ticketed for a traffic violation are astronomically low when you follow all the road laws, you still have to be prepared for what you need to do when you get a traffic ticket that you deem disputable.

Talking with a traffic court lawyer will help you by a mile. They can ease your frustration as well because they’ll be able to provide you with the information that will calm you down. They’ll instruct you with the correct steps to take to avoid a negative impact on your dispute with a traffic ticket.

Let’s take a look at the things you should do if you want to dispute a traffic ticket.

Be On Your Best Behavior

During and after the traffic stop, it’s in your best interest to be on your best behavior. By being cooperative and respectful, you’ll be able to dispute the traffic ticket with little to no hurdles along the way. Even if you feel that the ticket you’re receiving as a result of an error, you shouldn’t be rude to the officer.

An officer that has been insulted will be able to state that you were unruly during the traffic stop. They might even feel vindictive because of how you acted towards them when they were writing you a ticket.

Prepare All Data Possible

Getting the time and date wrong can be the difference-maker in any case. You should know the smallest of details surrounding the traffic ticket that you want to dispute. Below are some of the things that you should always take note of:

Time and date the traffic ticket was written

A description of the location where the ticket was received

The weather when the ticket was issued

It goes without saying that you should be informed of the likely questions regarding the dispute as well. If you received a speeding ticket, you should be able to readily identify the speed that you recall you were going and the circumstances that might or might not make it possible for you to reach the speed.

Seek Legal Counsel

A common mistake that people make when disputing a traffic ticket is they look at it as a small charge, not requiring legal counsel. Even something that is considered minor should always be dealt with after seeking legal counsel. Talking to a traffic court lawyer will help you tremendously with your dispute.

A lawyer with experience when it comes to traffic charges, especially disputing traffic tickets, will be able to assess your situation and corroborate it with the things that they already have experienced. If it’s your first time attempting to dispute a ticket, then you’re at a major disadvantage if you don’t have a lawyer with experience by your side.

When you have a lawyer to talk to, it will be easier for you to respond in a way that does not incriminate you because of any implication. In a way, they will serve as the translator of layman’s terms that need to be said in court.

Bolger Law Firm has a traffic court lawyer at your service if you want to avoid any serious consequences of traffic offenses. Contact us today for more info.