How Freelance Businesses Avoid Being Cybercrime Targets

One of the latest targets for cyber attackers is freelancers using online payment networks and freelance websites to operate. Freelancers tend to feel like they are invisible but there are now numerous cyber attackers specifically looking at way to hack freelancer operations. For example, maybe you use PayPal or Neteller, these cyber criminals will look for ways to get your password to your PayPal account and emails so they can empty your account overnight.

Why Target Freelancers?

Most freelancers do not use the sophisticated network protection tech that medium to large businesses use. With the increasing number of freelancers today, it is easy for cyber attackers to target big city cafes where there are likely to be several freelancers working. If this applies to you, then check out our advice below giving you 3 ways to help protect your freelance business.

Two-Way Authentication

One of the best ways to protect all your business accounts is two-way authentication. It means logging on using a password and then using your email or phone to confirm that it is in fact you trying to log on. This is a huge deterrent for cyber criminals because even if they get a password, there is no way to confirm the two-way authentication.

And when that person is unable to use the two-way authentication, warnings are sent so the account owner knows someone failed to access the account. This is a sign that someone has managed to obtain your password.

Virtual Private Network Software

VPNs software is a must for all freelancer in this day and age. As freelancers tend to roam and work off WiFi connections in cafes and coffee shops they are susceptible to cyber-attacks. Using a VPN such as igliori vpn gratis while connecting to a WiFi router in the public domain gives the freelancer total protection over hackers that may have compromised the access point being used to connect to the internet.

The encryption used by VPN software creates a tunnel for information to flow to and from. Anyone looking from the outside in will just see the first layer of encryption of the VPN tunnel and quickly realize that this connection encrypted. Hackers would take hours upon hours to crack this advanced encrypted code and a freelancer is unlikely to spend hours in one place!

Local File Encryption

Another popular tool being used right now is local encryption. This is basically a piece of software that can be stored locally on any device. Its encryption can then be applied to files and folders. This means that even if files or folders were to be compromised, these files would be encrypted. For example, maybe you lose your laptop – even though it is password protected, there are still ways to get data from the hard drive. With local file encryption all the important data on the hard drive will be encrypted.

Using These 3 Tools In Sync With Each Other

By using 3 of these tools to protect your internet connection, log on access to important website accounts, and by protecting your files locally (especially if you are a freelancer working from a laptop), then you have implemented basic deterrents that will reduce your chances of being a victim of cybercrime.