Companies and the Use of the  CRM Platforms

Companies today are realizing the importance of customer focus. Precisely for this reason, the use of management systems that provide customer information becomes indispensable for good business progress. And that is exactly the goal of CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

CRM aims to assist in the definition of business strategies based on practices and technologies capable of analyzing customer interaction. In this way, CRM systems or client management software options en able companies to optimize their results by building a positive relationship with their current or potential customer.

Organization and history

CRM systems have a database of valuable customer information, including name, email, phone, address, as well as a history of business behavior and purchases, and can also include phone calls, sent messages, and visits to the site.

With this information, managers can improve assertiveness in negotiations, as well as predicting customer needs and wants. This means that the company becomes competent to act in a personalized manner with each client, simplifying the sales process, especially for the sales team. Also, you will need to know what is a crm system.

Centralization of information

Among the key advantages of CRM systems is the ability to share information in real-time with the entire team. With online management systems, platforms can be accessed from any device, connecting the entire team to create strategies to improve customer relationships.

It may seem that spreadsheets centralize information, but you can’t find customer data, your business that has been opened, won and lost, values, dates, and everything critical to good management.

Know your customer and your team too

Knowing details relevant to your business is critical. Record all comments that were made during calls, times you like and don’t like to be attended to, why you are looking for your product / service, what you work with, if you have consumed the same product elsewhere, how many times have you bought from you and etc. This makes it possible for you to do a much more thorough analysis of your customer and thus deliver what they really need.

But it is not only your client that you, as a manager, will be able to follow. You will also be able to see your team’s productivity, the number of activities performed per salesperson, and thus understand if there is a discrepancy between members of the same team, as this may be why the goal is not met at the end of the month.

Customer loyalty

Perhaps this is one of the key points that leads a team to look for a crm platforms. Today, customer loyalty is as important (or more) than gaining a new customer. If someone bought from you, you need to win over them to keep them as your customersand CRM helps you a lot.

With the information you have registered, you can offer products that are in your customer profile, work with targeted marketing and not lose the timing of making contact and an offer, and offer an extremely personalized service.

Create metrics and track results

Another important point of CRM system is the generation of automatic reports capable of providing the company with customer profile information, showing the conversions made from the strategies outlined.