After 30, How To Maintain Skin Elasticity & Beauty?

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Growing age makes you more experienced and sensible; however it brings skin issues with it. Getting older means to get ready for wrinkles and pigmented skin. Thus, one must start giving additional care after turning 30 years old. The turnover proportion of cells decreases and more dead skin cells get collected on the skin. As a result, everyone notices dull and dry skin. Moreover, the process related to the production of protein slows down, thus the elasticity of skin reduces and gives way to fine lines and wrinkles. The dark circles and puffy eyes, due to lack of collagen, is another symptom of old age as you crosses the 30. It is essential to spare some time and take great care of your skin. You can get advantage of Zalora promo code to choose the necessary skin-care products at discount rates.

Ways to Preserve Your Skin

  1. Prefer a Balanced Diet

Try to choose water rich and healthy food items to keep your skin young and hydrated. It will never let your skin to get dry and dull. Moreover, make use of low carb food to recover the texture and skin appearance.

  • Exfoliation is Must

After 30s, one of the basic reasons to have dull appearance is the presence of too much dead skin cells. To remove the excessive dead cells, make it your routine to exfoliate the skin after regular intervals. Repetition of this process three times a week will make your skin shiny, spotless and smoother. If you want to use chemical exfoliation, choose the products having hydroxy beta and alpha acids. Contrarily, physical exfoliation required a wet cloth and scrub to discard the dead skin cells. Avail Zalora promo code to buy the branded skin care items within your range.

  • Use Moisturizer

To keep the skin hydrated, choose the best moisturizers and use on regular basis. It is better to choose UV barrier-fix moisturizer to secure the protective skin layer. Search for the moisturizers, containing Vitamin C, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.

  • Use of Quality Anti-Aging Cream

There are quality anti-aging creams, available at Zalora that include ingredients like Retinoid, Vitamin C, hydroxy Acids and Niacinamide to combat against anti-aging. Side by side, make it certain to have sound sleep of 8 hours as it plays the basic role in radiating the skin. Lack of sound sleep gives way to dull skin, dark circles and puffy eyes.

  • Use Serum to Work Against Skin Issues

Make it your routine to use serum to clear up the dirty skin, tackling the skin problems and making it more glowing and fresh. You can purchase facial products to do your facial at home.

  • Sunscreen

Though sunscreens should be used at all ages but after 30s, it is mandatory to apply sunscreen to retain elasticity and collagen in the skin. Otherwise, the ultraviolet rays harm the elasticity and cause wrinkles. Growing older makes you more responsible towards your skin care. Use Zalora promo code and find the secrets of young and beautiful appearance in Singapore.